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Short Stay

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Medium Stay

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Long Term Stay

3 months and more
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We look forward to making your stay comfortable and memorable. Newari Homes Apartment is one of the best for long and short stay service accommodation in town. The outlooks of apartment are traditional Newari style terracotta design. Newari Homes Apartment is 5 minutes walk from UNESCO world heritage sites- Patan Durbar Square is located in the heart of Patan city, 20 minute drive (5km) from Tribhuvan International Airport. Newari Homes Apartment is surrounding INGO & NGO...

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Purnachandi Temple

Purnachandi Temple

  • By: Newari Homes

Purnachandi temple is a beautiful and is a living monument. In different occasions people gather in the temple and do bhajan and recite many religions songs. 

Purnachandi is known as Siddhi Laxmi, the Goddess of Abundance, Riches, and Success.

Punchali bhujya festival celebration in September.

Gan Pyakhan (September-October)

Gan Pyakha is celebrated during Dashain, specially the dance of god and goddess in Patan. Dance of 13 Hindu ditties includes Astra...

Lakhe Dance (August-September)

Lakhe is protectors of children in Newari folklore. Lakhe dance is a popular dance of Nepal. The performers wear a Lakhe costume and demonic mask p...

Gai Jatra and Matya Festival (August)

This festival is most popular in Kathmandu valley. The people of Newar community who had death in their families in the last year organize Gai jatr...